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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  May 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pit bull attacks. why he is more shocked about what happened after the mauling. >> on e-bay. >>you can buy it but you cannot take it home. find out why this 9/11 memorial is on the auction block. >> do it yourself dna testing. how it could change your life and why some think it is a waste of money. >> and the only one still alive after a passenger jet crash. what doctors are saying about the condition of this 10-year-old boy. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. it has been raining off-and-on most of the afternoon and evening. >> and days of more rain, maybe thunder showers are ahead. go over to chief meteorologist vytas reid with a look at the damp sky watch forecast. >> yeah, we saw a quarter of an
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inch or more today as the showers and thunderstorms rolled through. most of the activity to the south of us, over virginia. as we continue to see the front push south. back to the west of us. it looks like we have breaks from the rain. and that will continue through the overnight. and then what we will see, give us more showers, further west. and that will give us probably thunderstorms going into friday. but looking at the forecast for the next day it looks like tomorrow, we will see patchy fog. few breaks in the clouds. and our temperatures will top outright in the lower to mid 60s. so cooler than today. but we will see things heat up tt kick off the weekend on friday. with potential for gusty thunderstorms. and look at the preakness forecast. you will like this coming up in the seven day. >> two attacks involving dogs. pit bull attacks a federal officer and kills his dog. keith daniels here with why the attack is not the only thing that left the wounded officer outraged. keith? >>well, jeff he is a federal officer that lives in howard county. a man that said he has nightmares now after what
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happened near his home. isaiah harrison is recovering from the brutal pit bull attack of his dog stewie and 11-pound yorkie mix. he was walking stewie sunday a not knowing the pit was roaming freely alone. and suddenly harrison said the dog came out of nowhere. and attacked. >> i thought he was going to stop. but he didn't. because i picked up my dog and he went straight for the kill. he wanted my dog that bad. and when he see i wouldn't let go. he went for my hand. >> look at his hand. it is swollen. a wound closed with 40 stitches. a federal officer's shooting hand. a career now in jeopardy. is also shocked by the pit bull owner's reaction. he says the man grabbed his dog, then simply walk away, leaving both harrison, and his dog without help.
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keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right keith. >> a man attacks a neighbor's dog with a machete slashing the dogs's face. this is okashia. suffering injuries to the nose and 1 eye. doctors in a clinic are watching over here tonighh. lavar bayley suddenly attacked the dog in her yard. he claimed okashia tried to bite his daughter. okashia's owner cannot forget the vivid images. >> he had this really big machete. and it was extremely bloody, with chunks of flesh. and he walked out of the yard into his own yard. >> police say bayley has a history of mental illness. he is charged with mutilating a animal. if you want to help to pay for the dog's treatment go to link. >> police are investigating what appears to be a double shooting. this was the scene on 36th street at old york road. two men shot in that area about 6:30. one shot in the back.
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he is at union memorial in critical condition. other man shot in the shoulder and stomach. taken to johns hopkins and expected to be okay. >> police are trying to track down a man want fodtrying to kill a so-called friend. robert thornton lives in gaithersburg. howard county police are offering $1000 reward for his arrest. earlier this week, police say he had an argument with a woman chased her down and cut her throat. >> fire department funding on the chopping block. at city hall today. the current proposed budget will keep four rotating closures, every night. the department would also have to cut 154 positions. now the mayor's plan will reduce four rotating closures to three. and restore $7.6 million in total funding. money fire officials say they cannot do without. >> well we certainly hope that we can find more revenue. the amount of firefighters needed to be laid off. and the station that we need to
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close is just something that we don't think we can safely do. >> the budget has to be approved by july 1. >> nine carroll county sheriff's deputies will be replacing nine maryland state troopers. it is a cost cutting move. the troopers cost carroll county $6 million a year. the change will save taxpayers abouu $400,000 a year. >> judges in baltimore are finally getting court issued cell phones. right now, on call judges are using outdated pagers. remember those? well they hope to speed up communication betwwen police officers and judges for any after hours emergencies like search warrants or arrest warrants. >> you would be surprised to see what you can purchase on e-bay for $2 million. this 40-foot september 11th statue in emmitsburg frederick county went on sale today. paid for with money obtained through a ponzi scheme. they hope by finding a new owner they can end the controversy
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surrounding the memorial. >> one of the requirements is that the statue stays here. that it -- they do not get to take it home. >> no one has made a bid on this 9/11 memorial. >> biggest hop gets you the grand prize in this preakness tradition for the little ones. the 44th annual preakness frog hop took place today. prizes given to first, second, third, forth place finishers. grand prize went to paul. his frog rex jumped 8 feet 8 inches. >> i have been wanting to get 1st place for a long time. >> he is so proud. and he should be. see more from today's preakness frog hop on our website news.
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>> and you can learn more about all the other preakness events in the news link section of our website. >> a naval academy tradition could end because of concerns over safety. first year students complete theirbly year by climbing this monument. 21-foot is greased withlard. and event is set for next week. butthead of the academy said too many students have hurt themselves in the past. and it is becoming too risky. >> new study shows food allergies really are not that common after all. about 30 percent of americans think they are allergic to foods like nuts or milk. in reality, only up to 8 percent of people are actually allergic. experts say more test sing needed to help patients understand whether they are intolerant or allergic. >> soon you will be able to buy a ggnetic kit promising to reveal whether you are susceptible to disease. several walgreens will sell the
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kits for $249. your dna is tested. and kit reveals if you have the gene that causes cancer, heart disease or alzheimers. but one baltimore doctor said do not waste your money. >> the test that you pay $250, will not tell you what will happen to health wise for the rest of your life. ú% will not. and if you are so naive to think that will help to you determine your health for the rest of your life, then i would like to talk with you. >> the kits reportedly test for 20 different types of conditions. >> that brings us to the question of the day now. should dna kits be made available over the council term 55 percent say yes. 45 percent say no. nat from reisterstown writes on our website. as long as they are accurate and professionally administered, they should be okay to use. >> i have never been out of work this long. >> it is hard. really is. >> millions of americans struggling to find work.
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how one group of americans are fighting an uphill battle. >> more than 100 people killed in a plane crash. still ahead. a look at the lone survivor and how he is doing tonight.
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>> as the nation still battles high unemployment. one age group said they are having a hard time finding work.
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melanie went to a job fair to find out who is fighting that uphill battle. >> on a dreary day, thousands of people stood in line outside of national's park for admission to - different sorr of competition. >> it is hard. really is. hard for everybody right now. >> looking for a job these days, is a whole new ball game. >> anybody that are good in sales, please. >> many of these hopefuls feel they have one strike against them already, they are over 50. >> age discrimination. and bias against older workers still exists. >> because aarp found that older job seekers on average are having a harder time getting rehired, designed promoting yourself at 50 plus career and job fares. >> you have younger workers that, you know, know the name of the game. know how to use the computer and look for jobs online. now know how to sell themselves. >> think about your own personal brand.
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>> workshops focus on personal branding and proceed micro-organisms career counseling and resume polishing. lynn did not expect her unemployment to go into extra innings. >> i have never been out of work this long. >> staying positive is tough when the odds become real. >> to be honest, standing in line and seeing how many people. you can actually see numbers now. versus just what you read in the paper or see on the news and stuff. and it is depressing. and it is hard. it is very difficult. >> some employers did come here looking for seasoned new hires. >> they just have a reliable consistent demeanor about them. that is so appealing. so appealing to hire. >> sort of that searching for that peeves gold. >> aarp's advice, learnnwhere the jobs are and do what you have to to match the skill sets. >> finding a job is a job in and of itself so treat it that way. >> it may take longer, but older workers can get back in the game. >> governor o'malley said the
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president's stimulus measure created or saved more than 13,000 jobs in maryland. last quarter. >> doctors are operating on the boy that was the only survivor of a plane crash. libyan flight from south africa crashed killing 100 people. except this 10-year-old dutch boy. a doctor treating him said he is in stable condition but has several leg fractures. >> president obama welcomes the president of afghanistan to the white house earlier today. meeting comes as tensions mount between the two countries. following remarks that karzai may very well join the taliban. the u.s. is set to withdraw 100,000 troops next year. karzai will visit fort campbell ken concerns home to troops set to deploy to afghanistan. >> that massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico still unresolved tonight. and video just leased of what is going on under water.
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the coast guard video shows how fast oil is gushing into the water. and bp hopes to have a small dome in place, over the leak, by tomorrow. efforts to use a larger dome, you may recall failed over the weekend. >> in massachusetts, anti-suicide activists are angry over a billboard for pomegranate juice. palm wonderful ad suggest the drinks antioxidant power helps -onsumer cheat death. it pictures the drink with a noose around the bottle's neck. the company has apologized and will take down the ad but there is a problem. a nest of red tail hawk chicks is being protected by a very vigilant mama hawk. >> fully capable of hurting one of them. they are up there working on the sign. >> these are only three days old. >> well, wildlife specialists have carefully relocated the
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chicks and nest out the side of the city, giving the parents one less reason to stick around on this billboard. >> well, we have more rain coming our way. >> yyah, but supposed to clear up for the preakness. that's the important thing. check back with vytas reid with the latest forecast. >> decent forecast heading our way. especially for the weekend. but roller coaster ride of temperatures over the next 48 hours. we saw temperatures in the mid 70s today. with the showers pushing through. anywhere from a quarter of an inch, maybe more, in other places. but looks like right now, we have mostly cloudy skies out there. few breaks to the north. as we see a frontal boundary push south. right now currently 56 degrees. few sprinkles in the neighborhood. so we are not totally done with the rain. now this is coming in from downtown. inner harbour. looking at winds out of the east-northeast at 12. humidity levels eighty seven percent. so air is juicy out there to give us a little bit of drops of rain..3 looking at 56 in baltimore. 58 in d.c. temperatures in the lower 50s on the eastern shore.
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and back in western maryland. even in the lower 50s. so kind of the temperatures are hanging around in the 50s across the state. get into virginia, in the 60. so we do have a cold front that is slowly pushed to the south. bringing in cooler air from the north. but the real warm temperatures are still sitting southwest and we will see that start to shift in from the southwest over the next day here. now tomorrow we will not quite get there. but friday we will start to see the warm temperatures building up. and you can see how that line is stretching across the midwest over ohio and indiana. in fact, i think, by tomorrow, we will see the potential for severe weather breaking out over illinois, indiana and ohio. keep the eye to the sky for those folks. news making weather out there. and here is what going on. pushing south. breaks over ohiooand then the next system is starting to form over parts of illinois. and what is causing this stormy weather is this frontal boundary. this is pushing to the south. and bring in the cooler temperatures. and then continue to see the warm air build in over the midwest tomorrow.
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high pressure is keeping us dry, i think, for the most part tomorrow. and then start to shift off to the east. and warm air moves in. getting here friday. so a bump in the temperatures occurs. getting into the lower to mid 80s. and then the cold front late friday night. we can get strong storms from this as well. we will watch for that. but then the high pressure. coming for the week. clear conditions for the preakness. tonight breaks in the clouds. some showers remaining here and there. 50 degrees. for tomorrow, more sunshine. breaking through the clouds. fog. and 62. and then out there on preakness. 75 degrees. plainly -- mainly clear and sunshine. and then it looks like we will see the temperatures, like i said, get back into the 70s and rounds out through the week with nice conditions. back to you guys. >> new bra that meets a woman's need for support and nourishment? in tonight's "get this". what women could be throwing in their brassieres. >> i have no idea. pitching power and
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precipitation. were the main themes of the o's game. was it enough for the birds to you knew. because you've never seen a droid like this. the droid incredible.
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nothing short of its name.
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the droid incredible. >> a wrestler that popularity spans from his native country across the world. said his age and his size won't slow him down. >> get this. chokay. what a great name. is under 3 feet tall. and one of bolivia's popular fighters. fearless in the ring. he said he is proud to be a dad at home. approaching retirement age. he says he doesn't plan to quit any time soon. >> and get this. japanese women can now grow rice from their bras. lingerie make i goer made the growing bra with pots attached to straps. and water hose with feeds attached to a belt, and farming gloves. >> how about a trowel? >> i guess you could get one of those too. on i don't get he whole thing but they tell us it was the rise of the japanese female farmer that inspired this wonderful invention.
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>> her name is patty. >> pimlico, wednesday is the busiest day leading up to the preakness. activity out at the track. held the draw for post positions. established a favorite and earlier, said hello to the superstar of the moment. and that would be super saver. that won the kentucky derby two weeks ago. trained by fletcher and running out of windstar farm. champ arrived at 3:45 today from louisville where he has been cooling out since the big win. and at the draw he got the expected endorsement from the odds maker. super saver installed as early morning favorite at 5-2 odds. starts out of gate eight. bafford is looking at lucky, second favorite for the preakness, 3-1. starts next to super saver in the seven gate. patty that finished third in the derby. third favorite at 9-2. and for derby winner super saver s trainer likes the horse's draw
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for the preakness and has confidence going in. >> i think the horse is doing as well as he could be doing. obviously, very, very pleased with the way he ran in the derby. i mean, think he is the horse to beat. eight is perfect. it will give calvin a opportunity to survey things inside and outside and see who is doing what. we're not committed but just letting the horse run the race. >> so relieved. so worried, as soon as the one was by, that's good. i am not stuck there. and i like the seven. you know, i wanted seven, eight, or 9. i like those positions here. but there is not really a bad post in the preakness. you know, i have won the race. at the end of the day it is the horse. if you have the horse t doesn't matter what post you are coming out of. >> isn't that the truth? baseball, orioles and mariners. bottom of the third. no score. miguel tajeda lines a shot to center. patterson up from norfolk rounds 3 and scores. jones comes around from first to
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score. orioles take the lead. and then two batters later, wieters blood pressures a single to center field. here comes miguel tajeda. hanger hand throws and guns him down to end the inning. how about that throw. making the first start in center field this season. and top of the forth. seattle loaded the bases against bergeson. he gets josh wilson to ground to third. miguel tajeda steps to the bag. fires across first. adkins applies the tag to complete the play. and burgeson is out of the inning. bottom of the fourth. 2-0. scott hammers one to deep right. it lands on the flag court for the solo home run. orioles led it 3-0. and bottom of the sixth. now 4-0 o's. jones lines the a single. adkins scores. and orioles lead it 5-0. and they beat the mariners. to snap the three game losing streak. >> the o's and m's up the
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series tomorrow afternoon, at camden yards first pitch set for 12:35. -thanks for coming back out. -sure.
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>> breaking news on a story we told you about minutes ago. walgreens said it will hold off on selling the controversial over-the-counter dna kit. it comes after the drug store
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chain was contacted by the food and drug administration. >> final look at the forecast. 62 degrees tomorrow. sun and clouds. and thunderstorms on friday with temperatures at 84. warming up. preakness fabulous. sunshine. and 75. and sunday 74 with sunshine. and we round off the next week with middle 70s. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. you knew.
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